Stef Wilson and Kerry Anne

BAD KERRY STUDIOS- Is this combined effort of Stef Wilson and Kerry Anne! The company was started in the beginning of 2019 and has been growing like crazy ever since thanks to our amazing fans! Along with the many sketch works, published comic covers, prints, and promo pieces, BKS has created several published Artist Variants and a 72 page Sketchbook. We hope to produce many other projects in the next few months. A Pin up calendar, coloring book, a Cover Gallery and so much more...

STEF WILSON - Comic cover artist and sketch artist. Spent over six years selling fan art and commissions online. Started doing covers in May of 2019. over 200 published comic covers already and many more coming this year. Including Penny For Your Soul, Patriotika, Hardlee Thinn, Notti & Nyce, Siria Underground Pimp Hustla, Into The Suck, Scorpiana, Naughty Faeries, The Totally Rad Life of Violet, and Lili the Demoness. Achieved his 100th cover in March of 2021 with the 100th cover ever released by publisher Naughty Faeries!
Also created the art for the CCG game Cardgrinders, tee shirts and logos, prints, print cards, stickers, and other comic publisher swag.

KERRY ANNE - Digital Colorist! Began inking and coloring at the end of 2019 and has already been featured on Naughty Faeries, Lili the Demoness, Nebula Pearl, Ethereal Comics, Scorpiana, Patriotika, Siria Underworld Pimp Hustla, Belail, The Changeling, Hellbringers, Sister Mercy, Eules Vision, WOlf and I, FireBitch and so much more. Awarded the Colorist of the Year in 2022 by the Independent Comix Awards.

Stef and Kerry Anne celebrated their 200th published cover in May of 2022.  

We would like to thank all the friends and fans that have supported us over the years and hope to keep bringing you the magic of Bad Kerry Studios for many more years!